Diamond Education: The American Gem Society Way

  The single greatest determinant of a diamond's beauty is the precision with which it is cut.

We proudly carry the most brilliant Hearts and Arrows ideal cut diamonds, Certified Canadian diamonds and a diverse selection of fancy shaped diamonds.

Ideal Cut The diamond will be shaped to the optimum proportions for maximum brilliance.  It will also have ideal symmetry and polish.  The AGS Ideal 0 cut grade represents the very best in diamond cutting and is only assigned to a diamond in which correct proportions, precise symmetry and excellent polish are combined to produce an optimum display of brilliance, scintillation and dispersion. 
Color As with cut, nuances in the color of a diamond can dramatically affect the diamond's value.  Most are graded on a scale that ranges from colorless (D) through yellowish (Z).  Although increasing shades of yellow reduce the value of a diamond, they do not necessarily reduce its beauty.  If a diamond is well cut, refraction and dispersion will often disguise certain degrees of coloration.
Clarity The presence or absence of inclusions within the diamond and blemishes on its surface.  These slight "birthmarks of nature" generally do not affect the beauty of a stone, but almost always affect its price.
Carat Weight A carat (ct.) is 1/5 of a gram and each carat is further divided into point, each point representing 1/100th of a carat. ex: .63ct. is 63 points.

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