Insurance Appraisals starting at $65

 As with any repair work you leave with us, when you leave a piece for appraisal,
  we document what you are leaving and give you a copy of that information.
  Your jewelry is then cleaned and our appraiser performs the following steps
  when applicable: measures individual stones, grades stones for color, clarity
  and cut, tests the metal and weighs the pieces. Based on this information she
  determines a value for your jewelry, takes digital photographs of each piece and
  creates the appraisal document.
*See below for an update on our appraisal


Additional Services:
♦  Lab Report Verification
♦  Gemstone Identification
♦  Diamond Plotting (Mapping)
♦  Diamond Consultation
♦  Appraisal Update
♦  Digital Pictures CD
*Please note that our appraisal services have undergone a slight modification.
Appraisals will be conducted by grouped appointments. If you are interested in having your jewelry professionally documented for insurance or estate purposes, call 970.482.2205 for information on the next opening.

To help the process go smoothly, it is also helpful if you drop off your items a day or two before your appointment and to bring any previous documentation you may have for your items.



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